June COVID Update

Over the past three months, in response to the ongoing health and economic crises, Moms Helping Moms has added 20 new partner organizations, a 50% increase, to assist us in providing diapers and other baby essentials to families across New Jersey. These new partners have helped us expand our reach to Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, [...]

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October Supporter Corner – Jen Miller and Maplecrest Moves Charities

We have the pleasure of introducing Jen Miller from Maplecrest Moves Charities in our October Supporter Corner. We met Jen a year ago and feel so incredibly lucky that we were introduced. During our initial chat, we explained how badly we needed access to a vehicle so we could get donations to organizations who [...]

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Supporter Corner

Moms Helping Moms Foundation is thrilled to announce that we will devote a blog post each month to feature one of our wonderful supporters. We have so many incredible people that dedicate their time, energy and resources to help elevate the work we do in the community. Here’s an opportunity to get to know [...]

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Win, Win, Win!

It’s 4:45 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in January when I hear the gentle hum of my alarm. I roll over and quietly slip from under the warm covers thinking to myself, “I must be crazy!” As I add layers of fleece-lined running clothes and step outside into the frigid air, I can’t help but continue to question my sanity… and the sanity of my ever-willing running partner. It was 10 degrees that morning and we ran hills with our flashlights lighting our way. It wasn’t the first, or the last, morning that we dragged ourselves out in sub-freezing weather and the pitch dark to clock our training miles. We had a goal, and we were determined.

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