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Win, Win, Win!

It’s 4:45 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in January when I hear the gentle hum of my alarm. I roll over and quietly slip from under the warm covers thinking to myself, “I must be crazy!” As I add layers of fleece-lined running clothes and step outside into the frigid air, I can’t help but continue to question my sanity… and the sanity of my ever-willing running partner. It was 10 degrees that morning and we ran hills with our flashlights lighting our way. It wasn’t the first, or the last, morning that we dragged ourselves out in sub-freezing weather and the pitch dark to clock our training miles. We had a goal, and we were determined.

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Diaper Need And Why We Do What We Do

I started Moms Helping Moms as a means to redistribute used baby gear and unneeded clothing and diapers to families who were struggling financially. My thought was that if low income families didn’t have to spend money on clothing or baby gear, and if we could supplement their diaper supplies, then they would have more [...]

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By the Numbers

To date this year we have served over 450 children, with many returning multiple times throughout the year. We have distributed 50,000+ diapers and 39,000+ wipes, 300 bottles of baby wash and other toiletries, 100+ brand-new bottles and sippy cups, as well as thousands of other donations including clothing, strollers, nursing supplies and other baby [...]

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A Little Support Goes a Long Way

A little community support goes a long way. In the five years since we started reaching out to the community for baby supplies we have been excited to discover all of the fantastic ways that local businesses are willing to help out an organization like ours. Surprisingly, we’ve found the best ideas are usually quite [...]

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