Meet Theresa Cowing in this month’s Supporter Corner! Theresa is a long-time volunteer that has supported Moms Helping Moms in myriad ways. Most recently, she has taken on the lead to help us find other awesome volunteers to help support our warehouse efforts. Read below to learn a little more about Theresa!

Tell us a little about you!
Except for college, I’ve lived in New Jersey my entire life! I have two rambunctious children, which is so much fun since my husband and I are both only children. I started my career on Wall Street, but once my son was born, my priorities shifted and I looked for a career path that involved less travel. I landed as a product manager working in the eCommerce world. It’s been very exciting to see the changes over the last decade – from iPhones to augmented reality to Amazon’s super fast delivery times!

How did you first hear about Moms Helping Moms and what made you decide to get involved in the organization?
I honestly can’t remember when I first heard about it, but my main reason for getting involved was the ability to make a direct impact on local families in need. I also love the founding story of MHMF. Bridget saw a need, decided to do something about it, and look how far it’s come! It’s a great example of how one person can drive positive change.

What do you look for in a volunteer experience?
A hands on experience with direct impact! I hosted a diaper drive at my son’s school one year, and it was wonderful to see the results. The participation rate was much higher than many previous events since the MHMF mission resonated with the families at the school. Also, volunteering at MFMF’s warehouse is another way to have an immediate impact. As you are sorting through all the donations and putting together care packages, you know that bit of manual labor you did is going to make a family so happy!

What causes are you most passionate about?
The two areas I identify with the most are – helping families (of course!) and the environment. I’m a stickler about reduce, reuse, recycle. Whenever we are celebrating an occasion at work, my colleagues know to use real forks and plates. There’s usually some grumbling as well since that means someone’s doing the dishes!

What is your greatest strength?
Juggling! Our house can seem like a bit of a circus at times. Instead of juggling balls, it’s juggling family, work, chores, exercise and everything else that society says we must do well. Whenever I’m having a tough day with a long “to-do” list, I remind myself how lucky I am. It’s one of the main reasons that the work MHMF does is so important to me!