We couldn’t be more excited to feature the LaFlamme family in our December Supporter Corner. The LaFlammes have been part of Moms Helping Moms from the very beginning. They have been there with us every step of the way as the organization has grown and expanded, and we can’t wait for you to read more about them below!

How did you find out about Moms Helping Moms?
The founder of Moms Helping Moms, Bridget Cutler is Laura’s roommate from college.

How long have you been involved and in what capacity?
We were living in Hoboken during the very early stages of the foundation, back when Bridget was holding “diaper drives” in her garage. This was before we had children; we were newly married. Laura volunteered at drives and events, and eventually helped facilitate donations by spreading the word in the community about the cause, and doing pick-ups and drop-offs. Casey has memories of carrying cribs and toddler beds down fifth floor walk ups and walking them across town to the storage unit or homes. We were involved in one way or another from the beginning. There were many parents in Hoboken looking to give items away due to lack of space, and many families in need of these items in close proximity. Eventually, Bridget relocated, as did we, to the suburbs. She expanded the organization, and we continued to be involved by participating in events and reaching out to others. The 5th Annual Snow Ball is upon us – we are proud to say that we have attended all five years, and hope that we have made a difference at each and every one! Laura has taken on a different role in the planning of the event, based on our stage in life at the time. We now have two children of our own; Londyn is 5 1/2 and Walker is 2 1/2. We are amazed by the generosity of others, and the hard work it has taken to make the foundation what it has become.

What causes are most important to you?
We feel that our original connection was based on our upbringing; similar morals and values. We most certainly didn’t have everything, but we were taught to work hard and be grateful for what we had. We both have always felt blessed and fortunate, and wanted to give back in one way or another, volunteering at food banks or soup kitchens. Through our jobs over the years we’ve been exposed to organizations that have allowed us to work with schools and children, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their goals, and give them opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

What do you value/seek out in a volunteer opportunity?
Becoming parents has made us more focused on children, of course, and to be able to provide a family with basic essentials means so much to us. It’s so nice to think that we might be making a difference – to make someone else feel happy, safe and loved; to change life in a positive way; to be able to take away the stress for a parent, or provide stability and security to a child.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Quality time, surrounded with the people we love. To have all of our family and friends in the same place at the same time – wherever that may be; whether our own home, or a destination that we have been that we cherish; making memories, and living life to the fullest.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?
A little bit of everything we need; the downtime – rest and relaxation, combined with the activities and the fun! We are both always on the go and want to do it all! If we have a weekend where we fit it all in, that is the best! Time alone together, time with the kids, time with friends. Being outside, fresh air, exercise, taking deep breaths and remembering to put it all in perspective. Our weekends hopefully give us the time to live in the moment, and enjoy the ride. Getting away from it all and taking a break is the best way to do that sometimes.