This month we have the honor of featuring Pat Deaton, the spouse of Megan Deaton – one of Moms Helping Moms long-time Board Members. Pat has been actively involved with MHM from the beginning. Read below to learn more about Pat and the ways in which he gives back.

1) Pat, you have been a long-time supporter of Moms Helping Moms. Tell us a few ways that you have been involved in the organization over the years.
I’ve watched Moms Helping Moms grow from the very beginning back in Hoboken in 2011. When they were just starting out I helped out by meeting with some of the families with my wife when they needed items. I delivered carloads of items to families and to organizations where some of the families lived. As they’ve grown, I’ve been involved in everything from IT assistance to warehouse help to working at the fundraisers. I also ran my first Marathon to help raise money and just kept going.

2) How did you first get involved?
My wife, Megan, met Bridget when our twins were babies back in 2011. We had a lot of excess baby items and couldn’t find a place to donate them. When Meg heard that Bridget was collecting items for people in town, we immediately offered what we had knowing that it would all go to local families that could use them. She started helping Bridget with the operation and has been heavily involved ever since.

3) Why is this cause so meaningful to you?
My wife and I had two babies at once. It was very eye opening in both how hard the day to day responsibilities of caring for a baby are and also the cost of all of their basic needs. We have always been grateful to have what we need to care for our kids and wanted to help others do the same.

4) What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?
I love spending time with my family and friends, getting out for the occasional run in the morning….and I’m always up for some bad reality television as a guilty pleasure (my daughter and I are big Survivor fans).

5) Which living person do you most admire and why?
I know it seems like I’m catering to my audience here, but the honest answer is my wife. She’s been the “karmic balance” of our household ever since we met when she was working at a different non-profit. She’s a truly selfless person, and continually impresses me with her drive and passion to help others whether it’s through MHM or other countless activities. She’s an amazing role model for our kids, and we’re lucky she lets us stick around.